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When the card and my phone is apart, is there any way my phone ring only vibration mode, not bell?
Where can I buy Omni Card?
How can I disable the Omni Card alarm at home?
Alarm sound is created when Omni Card and smartphone are not distanced from each other..
When Omni Card button is pressed, no alarm sound is heard.
In case Bluetooth is disabled in the smartphone, can the Omni Card be connected to the smartphone?
When the baggage claim mode is set up with the App, can the Omni Card be used?
When Omni Card or smartphone is lost, is there a way to identify the location of loss?
When Omni Card is lost, access to the map menu does not show the location of loss
When Omni Card is connected to the smartphone, "Find Card" function does not work immediately
How many Omni Cards can be connected to Android/iOS based smartphone simultaneously?
E-mail notification is not received when the link loss occures
Omni Card does not work or is not enabled
When the smartphone is in airplane mode, can Omni Card function normally?
Omni Card loss pop-up and alarm sound is enabled and stop
What is Safe Zone mode?

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