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mPERS device
Wireless charger
Standard for right people
Self-motivated people having hands-on experience rather than simple license or certificate
Creative and proactive people displaying their caliber to the fullest
Earnest people having deep pride in their line of work
Hiring Policy
Seeminex is a company striving to lead the change in technological development through ceaseless challenge and innovation
Seeminex will stride with you side by side through continuous fostering of talented people and human centered corporate management
Seeminex always welcomes people with great passion, enthusiasm and spirit of challenge
Seeminex is hiring new talented people by posting an official notice of hiring at the corporate website, in case of any vacancy in required positions.
Hiring process
STEP1 Vacancy happens in required positions
STEP2Official notice of hiring at corporate hompage or through on-line announcement
STEP3ON-line application
STEP4 Review of application documents for selection of candidates
STEP5 Interview of candidates
STEP6 Hiring is completed
Employee benefits package
Physical fitness allowance
Physical fitness allowance is given on a monthly basis so that all the employes can stay healthy and in shape
Cash gifts allowance
In order to share joy and sorrow of the people working at Seeminex and to strengthen solidarity, cash gifts allowance is given as per each case including special paid leave
Incentive program
In a bid to motivate and boost the morale of the people working at Seeminex, various incentives are given to the team and personnel recognized as having contributed to the corporate growth and development both internally and externally
ID picture, transcript and other required documents must be additionaly submitted to Seeminex for those candidates selected after review of application. In case the application documents do not coincide with the documents additionally submitted, the candidates at issue will be disqualified
Resumes can be submitted in free form to the following e-mail address
E-mail address for the person in charge: smx@seeminex.com . Tel: 070-8857-2066
We Seeminex are deeply grateful to you customers for taking interest and time to visit our homepage.
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