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Using OMNI Card
1. Omni Card to be inserted into the wallet
For use, Omni Card can be inserted into the wallet together with the credit cards
2. Omni Card to be inserted into the handbag
For use, Omni Card can be inserted into the handbag or purse inside the handbag
3. For use of baggage claim mode at the landing airport
In case you want to use the baggage claim mode at the landing airport, you can enable the Omni app of your smartphone at the baggage claim area to find your baggage with ease
Once your baggage is loaded on to the carousel, the smartphone can detect the Omni Card inside your baggage and the alarm starts to ring from your smartphone. Then, you can easily find your baggage
4. For use of multi connection mode of your Omni Card
Multiple Omni Cards can be registered in your smartphone Omni app for use
i.e) After registering your multiple Omni Cards, each card can be inserted into or attached to your wallet, handbag, laptop bag, briefcase, suitcase, etc for use
OMNI Card Function
1. Safe Zone
This is a feature enabling Omni Card to stop sound alarm in a safe environment such as the user's own home or company, thereby preventing unnecessary alarm from happening.
2. Alarm sound setting
Omni Card is designed to enable the users to set various sounda as per his/her own preferences.
3. E-mail alarm in case of loss or theft
When Omni Card is lost, an e-mail alarm is sent to the user's registered e-mail address to show the location of the Omni Car lost in a map
Omni Card is a device keeping you hassle-free from loss or theft of your belongings and valuables. You can download the Omni Card app from Google Play or Apple App Store, install it in your smartphone and ...
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